Company overview

Our company offers a wide range of services, including laboratory measurements, product certification and quality management system certification. The laboratories of LABOR S.A.. are fully staffed and equipped with qualified scientific personnel and state-of-the-art electronic measuring systems. Our laboratory test results are reliable and provide effective help to our customer (tradesman / manufacturer), providing a complete picture of its product in terms of good function and safety.

Certification of products and the granting of our company logo to them, offers a strong competitive advantage to our customers.


Within our activities we can offer:

  • Run tests for compliance with the corresponding device standard(s) that interests you

  • Product certification

  • Quality management system certification

  • Expert advice on the implementation of the New Approach Directives concerning the labeling of products, application requirements and harmonized standards.

  • Evaluation of supporting documents (test reports, technical documentation, certificates).


Job opportunities

By giving priority to the needs of its employees, the company is constantly striving to create growth and development opportunities for people on both professional and personal level.

We are looking for partners with values, ethos and ambitions. Dynamicand passionate partners with motivation to excel and actively contribute to the achievement of our company’s goals. Partners who can respond with maturity and consistency to the demands of an ever-changing and demanding working environment.

If you are interested in joining LAΒOR’s team, please send us your resume to: