Reliability in Certification

Presentation of the company

We have the honor to introduce our company and to recommend our collaboration in your quality control and certification needs of the products that you sell .

Labor S.A. is a Notified Body in the European Community for the Low Voltage Directive related to the safety of electrical equipment with the 36720/04/V/96/110 decision of the Greek Ministry of Development.

Laboratories of Labor S.A. are fully equipped and staffed with qualified personnel and modern electronic measurement systems of the last generation . Our laboratory testing results, regarding the testing needs of Electrical components ( lamps / appliances, etc. ), are fully reliable and harmonized with the relevant guidelines and standards of the European Union and they also offer effective assistance to our small industry/manufacturer customers, helping them to form a complete picture of the product in terms of good operation and safety.

After completion of laboratory work , we compile our special "Testing and Control Report" form with the results of the tests and the measurements. This special form constitutes the necessary evidence for preparation and drafting of the technical documentation.

In conclusion, we would like to emphasize the important assistance that is offered to the manufacturer by the technical testing results of LABOR S.A. laboratories, in order for him to respond successfully to the growing consumer requirments ( low price, good quality workmanship , etc.) but in the face of the strong competition too.

As part of our activities we can also offer :

  • Run tests for compliance with the corresponding device standard(s) that interests you
  • Expert advice on the implementation of the New Approach Directives concerning the labeling of products , application requirements and harmonized standards.
  • Evaluation of supporting documents (test reports , technical documentation , certificates).
  • Technical Reports regarding the above.


November 1996 - Establishment of the Labor SA company with main aim to contribute positively and decisively in the specialized laboratory RESEARCH –CONTROL - CERTIFICATION applications, both in Greece and in the wider European Union (EU).

20.5.2009 - Accreditation to ELOT EN ISO / IEC 17025 - Testing Laboratories.

21.8.2009 - Accreditation in standard EN 17065 with scope of accreditation in accordance with EU directives.


a) Labor S.A. is a Notified Body in the European Community for :

1. Τhe Low Voltage Directive regarding the safety of electrical equipment, with the 36720/04/V/96/110 decision of the Greek Ministry of Development.

2. Radio and telecommunications terminal equipment acording to 99/5/EC

3. Construction Products Regulation 305/2011 Product Certification Body for Traffic Control Equipment - Signal Heads for Vehicular and Pedestrian Uses.

4. Construction Products Regulation 305/2011, Roomheaters fired by solid fuel, testing Laboratory.


Certification Body according to EN 17065


Testing Laboratory according to ELOT EN ISO / IEC 17025 - Testing Laboratories

Accreditation Details

Job opportunities

ithin the the company's growth and development, continuously new opportunities are presented integrating new partners / employees.

If you are interested in joining our team, please send us your resume.